Dr. John Sekijima, USA

As a visiting physician from the US, I had a very rewarding five-week volunteer experience. The medical director has done a fabulous job of organizing a first rate educational program for a cadre of young Cambodian physicians. My main focus there was to teach on various topics in gastroenterology and to help initiate treatment protocols for Hepatitis B and C. I also participated in a daily ͞morning report͟where hospital admissions from the previous night were presented to the group. Complete differential diagnoses and thoughtful treatment plans were generated and put into action. There were also many rich opportunities to see patients both in the clinic and hospital ward settings. The training physicians were a true joy to be around and many will undoubtedly be future leaders in the growing landscape of medicine in Cambodia. I found the overall quality of medicine practiced to be exemplary. What a wonderful experience.

John Sekijima, MD, Gastroenterology/Hepatology Doctor, United States