The Story of Tina Yann

Published in August 2017

On July 8th Tina Yann, a 13-year-old girl from Doung Village near the Thai border in Battambang province, had a motorcycle accident. While traveling on a motorcycle with her sister in-law who is around 20 years old, they were hit by another motorcycle as they were turning right to their destination. Despite the freak accident, the sister in-law didn’t sustain any serious injuries but young Tina was knocked unconscious at the scene. Following the incident, her mom immediately rushed her to the WMEH. Tina was diagnosed with a severe concussion due to a lack of helmet safety, broken bones in her left thigh and lower leg, and a badly damaged big toe. During her subsequent operations, she received a metal plate to fix her broken thigh bone and a plaster cast to support her broken left leg. After four weeks at the hospital, Tina was healing well but remained very sad and quiet. The staff decided to encourage her and brought her some fairy tale books and games to play. She started to smile and recover the joy she was known for before the accident. She is currently healing in the ward and waiting to be ready for rehabilitation and eventually to go home.

Published with permission of the Tina Yann family.