The Story of Ms. Botum

Botum is a six-year-old girl who was traveling on a motorcycle with her mother and aunt when they were hit by a car. Her aunt didn’t sustain any serious injuries, but sadly her mother died at the scene. Botum was admitted to the World Mate Emergency Hospital with a serious right leg fracture, as her leg was broken in two places. Four days later Botum had an operation to put a metal plate in her upper leg and had a long cast applied to her leg.

Even with the knowledge that she would never see her mother again, Botum remained brave and cheerful. She would joke and chat to all the hospital staff, and her smile was like a ray of sunshine as she entertained the other patients and staff.

Botum was discharged two weeks later, still smiling and laughing as her dad wheeled her out of the hospital gates.

This story is published with permission from the father of Ms. Botum.


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