The Story of Hon Danith

Published in August 2017

Hon Danith, a 16-year-old man, went to the forest to pick mushrooms at the Thai border. Some of his friends and family took the risk of crossing the border illegally, hoping to gather more mushrooms to sell and support their families. While collecting the mushrooms, someone fired shots into the forest. Everybody escaped except him, as he was injured in the shootout. He struggled to stay conscious due to his wounds and waited in the forest for five days because nobody heard his cries for help. Finally, on the fifth day, he was found by a Thai man who kindly took him to the Cambodian border. From there he was rushed to the WMEH for emergency care as the hospitals at the border were not equipped to tend to his wounds. He was admitted June 23 to the WMEH with two bullet wounds: one bullet went through his hip and the other bullet lodged into his right leg. He was operated on by specialized surgeons. After staying at the hospital for two weeks, he was ready to head home. He was very thankful to the Thai person for finding him, to the person who brought him to the WMEH and to the doctors and nurses who took care of him at the WMEH.

This story is published with permission from the family of Hon Danith.